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2021 Volume XXVII

doi: 10.17746/2658-6193.2021.27.0575-0580

УДК 902/904; 903.27

Neolithic Layer of Rock Art of North and Central Asia in the Writings of Academician A.P. Okladnikov

Nenakhova Yu.N.

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The formation of the main researches directions in domestic petroglyphology is associated with Academician A.P. Okladnikov. The researcher discovered and examined dozens of petroglyph locations in North and Central Asia. A.P. Okladnikov has developed a concept of cultural and chronological interpretation of rock art. For each chronological stratum, from the Paleolithic to the late Middle Ages, a general and particular set of criteria and features was determined, on the basis of which he first identified the Neolithic stratum of petroglyphs on a number of sites. General criteria for rock art are size, location on the plane, nature and technique, style, visual perception of the figure, and parallels. Subject consideration of the Neolithic images series identified by A.P. Okladnikov, also allow you to present their distribution in quantitative terms by region. Moreover, the researcher correlated specific images and compositions with the Neolithic era, i.e. elk (dominates), deer, birds, fish, snakes, bear, and animals without a clear species attribution; as well as hunting scenes (without human participation), processions of animals, etc. After the publication of the A.P. Okladnikov’s first generalizing works, in the scientific circles, the discussion focused on certain aspects of the Neolithic images selection. Without denying the likelihood of the Neolithic petroglyphs presence, the possibility of their identification, the quantitative parameter, as well as the validity of comparison with figurines was discussed. Note that within the framework of the current scientific situation, the Turochak petroglyphs locality (Altai) is dated differently, and there is a polemic towards the Tomsk and Shishkino rock art site (Western Siberia and the Baikal region, respectively). At the same time, note that many researchers began to confidently date the petroglyphs of North and Central Asia to the Neolithic period. Scientific heritage of A.P. Okladnikov is in demand and relevant nowadays.


academician A.P. Okladnikov, methodological aspect, petroglyphs, Neolithic era, North and Central Asia

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