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2020 Volume XXVI

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2020.26.148-154

УДК 902/904

Results of Fieldwork in the Northern Priokhotye and Kamchatka in 2020

Lebedintsev A.I., Makarov I.V., Prut A.A., Ptashinskiy A.V., Fedorchenko A.Yu., Kharitonov R.M., Grebenyuk P.S.

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The article provides the results of field research in the Northern Priokhotye and Kamchatka in 2020. As a result of our work, we have studied the Neolithic, Paleometal, and Iron Age site, located in the Olsky district of the Magadan Region and the Tigil district of the Kamchatka Region. In the Northern Priokhotye, we conducted the work in the Zavyalov island, Nedorazumeniya island, Atargan Spit in the Tauiskaya Bay, Cape Astronomicheskiy, and Cape Bratyev in the Babushkina Bay. We took samples from all sites for AMS dating. We have determined the exact coordinates and boundaries of six previously identified archaeological sites on the Zavyalov island. We collected an archaeological collection that supplements the material complex of the site. Among the finds in the Northern Priokhotye, the ornamented ceramics of the Rassvet III and Atargan sites typical of the Atargan stage of the Old Koryak culture is of particular interest. We have dated samples of charcoal from the Rassvet III and Nedorazumeniya sites and got radiocarbon determinations comparable with the chronology of the Tokarev culture. We revealed five burials, four sites, and one location in the research area in the Babushkina Bay. In the western coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, we examined the coastal settlements Galgan I—II and Chimei I—II with the materials of the Tevi complex, which preceded the Old Koryak culture. Four Neolithic sites with the surface finds have been found at the headwaters of the Palana River. The archaeological materials and radiocarbon dates obtained during the research play a role in reconstructing the adaptation strategies of the ancient sea hunters and modeling the processes of their development of the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk in the Holocene.


Northern Priokhotye, Kamchatka, Neolithic, Paleometal, Tokarev culture, Old Koryak culture

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