Problems of Archaeology, Ethnography, Anthropology of
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2019 Volume XXV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2019.25.591-596

УДК 902.2

New Data for the Archaeological Map of Novosibirsk Region: Results of Works in Vengerovsky District in 2019

Selin D.V., Kharitonov R.M., Davydov P.M., Bobin D.N.

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Fourteen archaeological sites have been discovered on the right bank of the Om River in the area from the village of Stary Tartas to the village of Voznesenka (Vengerovsky District of Novosibirsk Region). However, only archaeological site - the Voznesenskoe fortified settlement - is known on the left bank of the Om River. In 2019, an archaeological survey was conducted for filling this gap. Ten new archaeological sites, including four burial grounds of the barrow type, five unfortified settlements, and one fortified settlement with the area of ca. 7000 m2, ditch up to 0.9 m deep, and collapsed rampart up to 0.3 m high and 220 m long have been discovered. The archaeological sites were tentatively dated to the Late Bronze Age -transitional period to the Early Iron Age (two sites), Early Iron Age (two sites), Middle Ages (three sites), and the time of the Russian exploration of Siberia (two sites). The results obtained suggest that the carriers of different archaeological cultures actively populated both banks of the Om River, and the lack of archaeological sites on the left bank is associated not with specific settlement strategies of the ancient population, but with the lack of knowledge of this territory. Continuation of survey works accompanied by test excavations will make it possible to discover new objects of historical and cultural heritage, establish the boundaries of new archaeological sites, clarify the boundaries of the known archaeological sites, expand the knowledge on the number and types of archaeological sites in Novosibirsk Region, identify the areas of archaeological cultures, and uncover new adaptation strategies of the population to the surrounding landscapes.


archaeology, Baraba forest-steppe, archaeological survey, settlement, burial ground of the barrow type

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