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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 391.2+7.04

Ornamental Decoration in Female Ethnic Clothing of the Altaians and Khakasses: Development of Tradition in Modern Times

Krasavina (Moskvina) M.V.

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The article discusses individual aspects in the ethnic culture of the Sayano-Altai peoples using the example of the Altai Kizhi and Khakasses. Analyzing the changes in ornamental decoration of their female clothing, some recent trends in the transformation of ornamental decoration have been identified. Using the studies of Russian scholars, the traditional ornamentation of these peoples as it used to be in the early 20th century have been described. An analysis of the contemporary development of Altai and Khakass ornamental decoration is carried out on the basis of field materials of the author. The imagery content in the Altai ornamentation and the meanings in the Khakass ornamentation have changed. Ornamentation of female clothing in the contemporary folk art of the Sayano-Altai peoples is not losing its relevance and is continuing to reflect people’s ideas concerning cultural values and universal principles.


folk art, ornamental decoration, female clothing, Altai Kizhi, Khakass, development of tradition, contemporary period, symbolic meanings of ornamental decoration

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