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2018 Volume XXIV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2018.24.219-223

УДК 902/904

New Late Bronze Materials from the Lozhka-6 Archaeological Site in Baraba Forest-Steppe

Bobrov V.V., Moor N.N., Plats I.A., Falman A.V.

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The article describes new archaeological materials from the Lozhka-6 settlement located in Vengerovo District of Novosibirsk Region, which were discovered during the excavations in 2018. A significant collection of the Pakhomovo Late Bronze artifacts was assembled; dwelling 2 of the ground-and-pillar frame construction was uncovered at the site. The characteristics of the recovered materials suggest that the Krotovo and Irmen cultural features, mainly, the tradition of pottery with applique cordon decoration, were continuously developed in the culture of the Pakhomovo population. Fragments of baked clay, originally the ball- and disk-shaped artifacts of unknown purpose, were recorded. The knife-dagger found at the site has its parallels in the Sintashta and Petrovo culture collections. It is assumed that the Lozhka-6 settlement existed synchronously with the archaeological sites of the Pakhomovo culture in the Tobol-Irtysh region and dates from the 14th-13th centuries BC.


Baraba forest-steppe, Lozhka-6, the Late Bronze Age, Pahomovo culture

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