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2018 Volume XXIV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2018.24.214-218

УДК 902/904

Cultural Planigraphy and Topochronology of the Stary Moskovsky Trakt-4 and Stary Moskovsky Trakt-5 Settlements in Northwestern Baraba Forest-Steppe (Preliminary Results)

Bobrov V.V., Marochkin A.G., Yurakova A.Yu., Veretennikov A.V.

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Based on the results of2016-2018 excavations of the Stary Moskovsky Trakt-4 and Stary Moskovsky Trakt-5 settlements, preliminary conclusions about the planigraphy of Neolithic and Early Metal Age complexes are presented. Materials of 2018 research are described. The artifacts attributable to the Comb-Pit cultural complex are located close to the eastern border of the terrace (southeastern periphery of the Stary Moskovsky Trakt-5 settlement and the northern part of the Stary Moskovsky Trakt-4). However, the relationship between comb-pit pottery and dwellings No. 1-8 of the Stary Moskovsky Trakt-4 settlement remains unclear. Archaeological works in eastern parts of the sites will be continued.


the Stary Moskovsky Trakt-4 settlement, the Stary Moskovsky Trakt-5 settlement, the Neolithic, the Early Metal Age, a planography, a flat-bottom pottery, Comb-Pit Community, Baraba forest-steppe

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