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2021 Volume XXVII

doi: 10.17746/2658-6193.2021.27.1028-1034

УДК 902/904; 902.3

Studies of Mound Kamyshta Station-1 in 2021

Chertykov V.A., Timoshchenko A.A.

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The article presents preliminary data of the rescue archaeological works at Mound Kamyshta Station-1 located in the southwestern part of Khakassia-Minusinsk region. The site is situated in the Askyz District of the Republic of Khakassia on the second floodplain terrace of the ancient sector of the Abakan River valley. The excavations have shown that mound 2 is a distant stele of Mound 1 and is located 15 meters southwest of it. A rectangular kerb made of massive red Devonian grit slabs based upon piers on the outside was uncovered. Upright steles were erected in the middle of each kerb walls except the northeast one and at the corners; the steles are oriented toward sunrise with their narrow edges. The gate is attached to the northeastern side of the kerb. The kerb enclosed six tombs. Tombs 1, 2, and 3 are considered the main ones, the tomb 4 is subsidiary, tombs 5 and 6 were dug in from the overlying layer (inlets). All the burials were made either in earthen graves or in stone boxes covered with the ceilings of medium- rounded pebblestone. Some of the tombs remained intact (in situ). Tombs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are typical for the Podgorny stage of the Tagarsky culture, whereas tomb 6 refers to the Tes (Tesinsky) stage. The grave good sets are culturally typical including flat-bottomed jar-shaped vessels, bronze daggers, chekan battle axes, knives, awls, circular mirrors with a loop on the backside, half-spherical discs, cylindrical beads, conic beads, and a bone comb with a circular ornamentation.


Khakassia Republic, Askyz District, Mound Kamyshta Station-1, Early Iron Age, Tagarsky culture, Podgorny stage, Tesinsky stage

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