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2021 Volume XXVII

doi: 10.17746/2658-6193.2021.27.0958-0965

УДК 902.21

New Archaeological Sites at the Land Plots Assigned for Development in Novosibirsk Region and Kemerovo Region in 2021

Dudko А.А., Sizyov A.S., Plats I.A., Fedoruk A.S., Vybornov A.V.

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This article presents the results of surveying the land plots located in the construction and reconstruction zone of the P-254 “Irtysh” highway in Kochenevsky District of Novosibirsk Region, at Yurkovo railway station in Novokuznetsk District, and in the town of Kaltan in Kemerovo Region. Archaeological survey was a part of the state historical and cultural expertise of the land plots. In Novosibirsk Region, studies were carried out in the valley of the Chik River which is an important waterway in the Upper Ob region. The known archaeological sites point to a significant presence of the antiquities of the Irmen culture in the valley of the Chik River in the Late Bronze Age. In the course of research in 2021, it was possible to identify another site of the Irmen culture — Bunkovo 1 which is located on the right terrace above the floodplain of the Chik River near the village of Bunkovo. The boundaries of the site, its area, and stratigraphy were established, and a collection of artifacts sufficient for cultural attribution was obtained. The Bunkovo 1 site was dated to the 12th—9th centuries BC. In Kemerovo Region, the survey was conducted in the area of the known archaeological sites of Sarbala, Sarbala 3, Zelenyi Lug 3 in the valley of the Kaltanchik River on the right bank area of the Kondoma River. The Zelenyi Lug 2, Zelenyi Lug 3 and Sarbala 3 a sites were found on the bedrock terraces of the Kaltanchik River. Based on the stratigraphic position of the cultural layer and initial morphological assessment of the artifacts, the sites were dated to the Final Upper Palaeolithic.


Novosibirsk Region, Kemerovo Region, Chik River, Kaltanchik River, exploration, site, Final Upper Palaeolithic, Late Bronze Age, Irmen culture

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