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2018 Volume XXIV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2018.24.047-051

УДК 569

The Pleistocene Megafauna Fossil Remains from the Alluvial Sites of Bibikha, Taradanovo on the Ob River (Novosibirsk region) and Chumysh River (Altai Region)

Vasiliev S.K., Serednyov M.A., Milutin K.I.

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1344 bone remains of large mammals were collected at the beach next to Bibikha settlement on the Ob River in 2018. Good state of preservation of the bones, the analysis of species composition and morphometric peculiarities of such species as Equus ferus, the red deer and the moose demonstrated that the greater part of the bone remains belongs to the Middle Pleitocene. There is also a small amount of the early and late Pleistocene bone remains. 7 bones of Soergelia cf. elisabethae, including the intact horn pith and 4 bones of Cervalces latifrons were found. For the first time, an intact heel bone of the middle Pleistocene species of Camelus knoblochi were found to the north from Novosibirsk. The Pleistocene megafauna remains were collected at the alluvial sites of the secondary bone deposition in the vicinity to Taradanovo on the Ob River and the Chumysh River sites (Altai region). The total number of finds (bones/species) is: Bibikha - 4,767/19, Chumysh River - 12,664/25, Taradanovo - 7,000/24. The main part of the bone remains from Taradanovo belongs to the Kazantsev interglacial period,those from the Chumysh river - to the Kargin interstadial.


Pleistocene, Bibikha, Chumysh, Taradanovo, megafauna, bone remains

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