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2021 Volume XXVII

doi: 10.17746/2658-6193.2021.27.0702-0709

УДК 903.01 / 903.08

Investigation of Ornamented Bone Items from the Olskaya Site Using Three-Dimensional Modelling

Fedorchenko A.Yu., Seletskiy M.V., Lebedintsev A.I.

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This paper discusses the practical application of three-dimensional modelling technologies in studying bone artefacts with engraved images of the paleometal era. To achieve the study goal, we carried out a comprehensive analysis of the antler crest obtained from excavations at the Olskaya site, one of the key archaeological sites of the Tokarev culture in the Northern Priokhotye. The artefact under discussion has a complex geometric pattern, which made it possible to use it to test various tools of 3D modelling technology. As a result of our research, we reconstructed the operational sequence of the item production, which involved splitting a reindeer antler to obtain a blank, planing, double-sided cutting of teeth, surface preparation by grinding, ornamentation, and perforation. The linear ornamentation on the crest makes up a composition of horizontal motifs as stripes of small rectangles and zigzags made in double lines. 3D scanning technologies made it possible to obtain accurate data on the morphometric parameters of decorative elements, the sequence of their application and the tools used. As a result of our measurements, we found out that the metric characteristics ofwhole rectangles in the ornamented composition differ significantly. The study results showed a minimum difference in the cut lines ’depth, both in rectangles of all rows and diagonal stripes. The revealed features made it possible to assume that one master who used the same tool cut the ornament. The nature of the processing traces shows that the design of the teeth and decoration were made with different tools. The obtained data indicate the presence of specialization in the toolkit of bone carving production and a generally high level of bone processing technologies among the Tokarev culture people.


Northern Priokhotye, paleometal age, Tokarev culture, ornamented items, technological analysis, 3D modelling

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