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2018 Volume XXIV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2018.24.025-031

УДК 903.01

Results of Field Works on Middle Paleolithic Complexes of Strashnaya Сave in 2018

Anoykin А.А., Kharevich (Shalagina) A.V., Belousova N.E., Markovsky G.I., Serdyuk N.V., Vasiliev S.K., Berezina N.Ya., Krivoshapkin A.I.

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In 2018, comprehensive studies of Pleistocene layers, containing earliest archaeological horizons, were continued in Strashnaya cave. Sedimentation specificity in the excavated area, in addition to the usual cave factors, was determined by introduction of diapiric type intrusion (deformation of layer 11) to the overlying layers. Developing during the postsedimentation period, this process has had a significant influence on the other deposits in the central part of the cave. The archaeological collection from layers 6-9 comprises 110 artifacts. Primary reduction was based on radial flaking. The toolkit includes side-scrapers, spur-like tools and retouched flakes. Techno-typological characteristics and stratigraphic context attest to the Middle Paleolithic attribution of this archaeological complex. One of the most significant finds of the excavations in 2018 was a human deciduous tooth (Homo sp.) found in the course of cleaning of layer 5. According to preliminary data, the age of the individual was 9-11 years.


Northwest Altai, Middle Paleolithic, Strashnaya cave, field research, tool assemblage, Homo sp

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