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2018 Volume XXIV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2018.24.018-024

УДК 902.01

Studies of the Initial Upper Paleolithic Industry at the Ushbulak Site (Eastern Kazakhstan) in 2018

Anoykin А.А., Taimagambetov Zh.K., Pavlenok G.D., Kharevich (Shalagina) A.V., Bocharova E.N., Markovsky G.I., Gladyshev S.A., Ulianov V.A., Chekha A.M., Kozlikin M.B., Iskakov G.T., Vasiliev S.K., Shunkov M.V.

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Studying ofinitial Upper Paleolithic assemblages at the Ushbulak site has been continued in 2018 by East Kazakhstan Paleolithic team of IAET SB RAS. This article presents the results of the studies of the cultural deposits from lithological layers 5.2-7 (excavation area 2). The number of the recovered lithic artifacts totals to 5585 objects; that of bone remains is 635 pieces. In the course of works, deposition features have been noted and new samples for scientific analysis collected. The primary reduction strategy is characterized by parallel flaking ofblade cores. The tool kit contains end-scrapers, retouched blades, truncated-faceted tools, notched tools, spurs, a backed blade and foliate biface. The available archaeological materials from 2018 support the preliminary attribution of the Ushbulak collection to the initial Upper Paleolithic and its close similarity to the assemblages from Southern Siberia and Mongolia.


Eastern Kazakhstan, Initial Upper Paleolithic, multilayered site, lithic industry, tool assemblage

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