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2021 Volume XXVII

doi: 10.17746/2658-6193.2021.27.0341-0348

УДК 902.01

Geometric Microliths from Tutkaul Site (Layer 3; Tajikistan): Production Sequence and Function

Shnaider S.V., Fedorchenko A.Yu., Alisher kyzy S.

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Geometric microliths are one of the key-element of Central Asian Epipaleolithic complexes. This article presents a detail study on rectangles and lunates from layer 3 of Tutkaul site (Tajikistan) that were studied through the use-wear and negative scar pattern analysis. The results of the scar pattern analysis show two chains of operations in production of rectangles. In frame of the first sequence, the bladelets were truncated, then, the right lateral was retouched with backing retouch. In frame of the second sequence, at first one lateral of the blank was prepared with backing retouch and after that the two short sides of the blank were truncated. The lunates were made by backing retouch on the bladelet right side. Use-wear analysis shows that lunates were used as heads of the projectile weapons, and the rectangles as composite items for working on soft material. This is indicated by the following: traces of polishing resulted from contact with soft organic material on the working edge; traces offastening on the longitudinal retouched side of the basal part; in addition, several items bear traces of ventral retouch securing a tighter fastening of microliths in the haft. Thus, the rectangles could be used as knives or as lateral inserts of the projectile weapons where lunates were the arrowhead.


Central Asia, Epipaleothic, scar pattern analysis, use-wear analysis, geometric microlith

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