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2021 Volume XXVII

doi: 10.17746/2658-6193.2021.27.0222-0227

УДК 902/904

Early Middle Paleolithic of the Northeastern Caucasus (Evidence from the Darvagchay-Zaliv-1 Site)

Rybalko A.G.

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This study analyzes the lithic assemblages from the Middle Paleolithic site Darvagchay-Zaliv-1, which are highly relevant for understanding this stage in Northeastern Caucasus. Paleoclimatic conditions prevailing during sedimentation at this site are described. The lithic objects discovered have been compared with industries from the synchronous sites of Dagestan and Caucasus. The artifacts were found in minimally disturbed paleosol (layer 3); they represent the typical Middle Paleolithic toolkit, and Levallois technique of primary reduction. Judging by the presence of fire pits without additional structures and scattering of finds over a large area, these sites reveal multiple short-term stays. The dates of the sites, obtained using paleomagnetic and OSL methods correspond to the Riss-Wurm (Eemian, Mikulino) interstadial (MIS 5e) of ca. 100-120 ka BP. Whereas no direct parallels with any Caucasian Middle Paleolithic industries can be found, the industries from Darvagchay-Zaliv-1 are consistent with the general evolutionary path of the Paleolithic in the Caucasus.


Caucasus, Dagestan, Middle Paleolithic, Riess-Wurm, primary reduction, toolkit, Levallois technique

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