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2020 Volume XXVI

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2020.26.895-900

УДК 902/904

Analysis of Bone Carving Production from the Kazanovka-10 Burial Site (Askizsky District of the Republic of Khakassia)

Polovnikov I.S., Dudko А.А., Vasilyeva Yu.A.

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The article provides an analysis of bone-carving raw materials from a layer of a medieval site discovered in the territory of the archaeological heritage site “Kazanovka-10 Burial Ground.” A complex of the objects made of horn and bone is described. The total number of items made of horn and bone is 75, their brief description is provided. Excavation site 20 with the concentration of bone-carving products was analyzed. Half of the finished products and blanks for bone carving come from this area of the site, including most of the petiole arrowheads. Horny blanks with the traces of two ways of cutting off the horn were found here. The obtained data make it possible to raise the question of the existence of a workshop for processing bones and horns among the medieval population of the site. In excavation site 42, among the bone-carving raw materials, two poorly preserved bone products were found. According to some criteria, they are classified as blanks of household items. Observations were made on the processing of blanks of horn and bone with a metal tool on two plates originating from excavation sites 40 and 49. Among the most striking finds of the site, three bone objects should be noted. These include a fragment of a T-shaped pendant, a fragment of a bracelet, and a fragment of a brush handle. In terms of stylistic features, these finds are attributed to the Tashtyk time, which is the lower boundary of the site. A fragment of the brush handle serves as a basis for determining the upper boundary of the complex (13th to the 14th centuries).


Republic of Khakassia, Askizsky district, Kazanovka-10 medieval site, bone-carving production, roe deer horn, metal tool processing, iron knife

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