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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 902.01

Chronology and Periodization of the Paleolithic in the Northern Angara Region (Based on Materials from the Sites of Kolpakov Ruchei and Ust-Kova)

Rybin E.P., Meshcherin M.N.

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The site of Kolpakov Ruchei is located on the third terrace of the Angara River in Central Siberia. The Paleolithic cultural horizon occurs in the subaquatic-subaerial bench of deposits in lithological layer VII. Radiocarbon dating was carried out for bone sample from layer VII and gave the date of 28,420±75 (IGANams-5493) (uncalibrated). The assemblage is characterized by the combination of flake and parallel uni- and bidirectional reduction of flat and subvolumetric cores for producing large blades and bladelets. Most of the artifacts show traces of Aeolian abrasion on their surfaces, although the presence of artifacts without corrosion in the same assemblage suggests the probable mixture of two components of lithic industry. The first component, similar to the early complex from the Ust-Kova site, is associated with the Middle Upper Paleolithic, while the second component represents the industries of the Initial Upper Paleolithic of Eastern Siberia.


Siberia, Paleolithic, radiocarbon dating, chronology, stratigraphy

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