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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 902.01

Research of the Initial Upper Paleolithic Industry at the Ushbulak-1 Site (Eastern Kazakhstan) in 2017

Anoykin А.А., Taimagambetov Zh.K., Ulianov V.A., Harevich V.M., Kharevich (Shalagina) A.V., Pavlenok G.D., Markovsky G.I., Gladyshev S.A., Chekha A.M., Iskakov G.T., Vasiliev S.K.

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In 2017, the East Kazakhstan Paleolithic team of IAET SB RAS conducted archaeological excavations at the open-air site of Ushbulak-1. This article presents the results of research into cultural deposits from lithological layers 5-8 (excavation area 2). Twelve lithological units containing archaeological materials were uncovered in the exposed stratigraphic profile. The total number of lithic artifacts, obtained from excavation and washing of loose deposits was 7709 objects. The artifacts from this area are associated with the Initial Upper Paleolithic. The closest parallels to the Ushbulak-1 lithic industry can be found in the Paleolithic assemblages of Southern Siberia (Kara-Bom) and Northern Mongolia (Tolbor-4).


Eastern Kazakhstan, Initial Upper Paleolithic, multistratified site, primary flaking, tool assemblage

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