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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 902.(571.150)«631/634»

The Boinikha Type of Pottery: Problems of Chronology and Periodization

Kiryushin Yu.F., Kiryushin K.Yu.

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Distinctive pottery was discovered at the settlements of Boinikha-1 and Shipunovo in the Barnaul-Biysk Ob region on the right bank of the Ob River. The pottery shows a number of specific features: rows of pits along the rim, empty channel under the rim, traces of burnt cord or rope, ornamental decoration on the upper surface of the rim, and decoration of the external surface by rolling a rope wound on a stick (combined stamp). A typical feature of the pottery from the settlements of Boinicha-1 and Shipunovo is decoration using combined stamp. The parallels of such pottery can be found among the materials of the Posolsk culture in the south of Eastern Siberia. Findings of ceramics decorated by the combined stamp reflect the connections of the Neolithic population of the Upper Ob region with representatives of the Baikal Neolithic. Preliminary, this type of ceramics can be attributed to the Neolithic and dated to the fifth-fourth millennium BC.


archaeology, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, settlement, ceramics, decoration technique, combined stamp

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