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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 903.01

New Research Findings of the Upper Paleolithic Assemblage from the South Chamber of Denisova Cave

Derevianko A.P., Shunkov M.V., Kozlikin M.B.

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In 2017, archaeological studies of the Pleistocene deposits in the South Chamber of Denisova Cave have been resumed. The deposits constituting the upper part of the Pleistocene strata have been examined at the mouth of the cave on the lines forming grids Е and Ж, including lithological layers 9 and 11. Layer 11, containing the deposits accumulated during the first half of MIS 3, has yielded lithic artifacts that can be attributed to the Early Upper Paleolithic. Primary flaking in this industry is characterized by radial and sub-prismatic cores. The analysis of flakes suggests that the parallel and Levallois reduction strategies were employed. The tool assemblage also reveals the combination of the Middle and Upper Paleolithic elements. Archaeological evidence from layer 9, whose deposits were accumulated during the Last Glacial Maximum, reflects further development of blade technology.


Altai Mountains, Denisova Cave, Upper Paleolithic, Pleistocene, stone industry

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