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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 904

New Data on the Life Support of the Population оf the South Taiga Zone in the Middle Irtysh Basin in the 17th - 18th Centuries

Tikhomirov K.N.

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The author analyzes the life support system of the ancestors of Siberian Tatars on the materials from the Ust-Tamak II fortified settlement of the 17th - 18th centuries excavated in 2017. Two construction horizons were identified: the first corresponded to the Middle Ages, the second represented the time of occupation of this territory by migrants from the European part of Russia. Based on analyses of 2017 excavation materials and those of previous years, as well as written sources and cartographic materials, the site was identified as a winter settlement representing a feature of the original life support system of the local population, which implied formation of a special micro-region with a monoethnic population. This system included seasonal settlements, cemeteries, pastures, fishing places, and other objects, which made the living conditions comfortable for the people.


traditional life support systems, population of the southern taiga zone, the Middle Irtysh, 17th - 18th centuries, the Ust-Tamak II fortified settlement, defensive system, archeology

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