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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 903.074

Decorative Carving on Carbonized Wooden Objects from the Early Iron Age Sites

Mylnikov V.P.

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Wooden archaeological objects with decorative carving are a valuable historical source on the culture and inner world of the ancient people. In addition to artistic and cultural value, such objects preserve on their surfaces unique information on the technique of woodworking, including primary and secondary carving procedures. The objects which have been affected by fire have special value for extracting specific information. Despite the comprehensive studies conducted at different time, this rich historical source has never been studied from the perspective of woodworking technology. The data on carving technique, which have been obtained for the first time from a comprehensive analysis of carved representations on burned and carbonized wood, is unique.


Siberia, Early Iron Age, Tashtyk culture, wooden objects, art of carving, technological and design features

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