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2017 Volume XXIII

УДК 902.2

System of Organizing the Sacred Space in the Burial Complexes of the Andronovo (Fedorovo) Population in the Baraba Forest-Steppe Region. The Site of Tartas-1

Molodin V.I., Durakov I.A., Nenakhov D.A., Reinhold S., Efremova N.S., Selin D.V., Nesterova M.S., Nenakhova Yu.N., Hansen S., Mylnikova L.N., Kobeleva L.S.

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The article focuses on the study offuneral complexes of the Andronovo (Fedorovo) culture of the Tartas-1 multilayer burial ground (the Central Baraba). There is a number of specific features in the funerary practice of Andronovo (Fedorovo) population which left this cemetery. An area demonstrating new features of organizing the sacred space was found in the northwestern part of the burial ground. A system of ring-shaped ditches and deep elongated pits surrounding the graves and adjoining each other was made at the site. Currently, twenty of such structures containing thirty-two burials have been examined. All burials were made according to the typical Andronovo (Fedorovo) canons. At the same time, simplified ornamental decoration was dominant in the ceramics, and only a few elegant pots with meander-like ornamentation have been found. The presence of the northern early Suzgun ornamental motifs have been observed, which may indicate some northwestern (forest-steppe) impacts integrated into Andronovo (Fedorovo) funeral complex.


Western Siberia, Bronze Age, funeral rite, Andronovo (Fedorovo) culture

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