Problems of Archaeology, Ethnography, Anthropology of
Siberia and Neighboring Territories

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2018 Volume XXIV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2018.24.334-336

УДК 902.2

Archaeological Studies in the Tara Historical Center in 2018

Tataurov S.F., Tikhonov S.S., Chernaya M.P.

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Archaeological studies in the historical center of the town conducted for many years and according to a complex plan represent the town layout of the period under study after a few study seasons: position of its streets, administrative and economic complexes. This makes it possible to more accurately interpret the whole bulk of findings and identify the chronostratigraphy of the cultural layer. During the eleventh excavation season, the works were carried out in the fort, which allowed to complete the study of the two main objects in this area - a wine shop and an almshouse. The shop was opened at the end of the first quarter of the 18th century and lasted until the end of the century. Next to it was the house of the disabled team, which later, at the end of the 18th century became an almshouse.


town, Tara, archaeology, history, planigraphy, cultural layer

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