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2018 Volume XXIV

DOI: 10.17746/2658-6193.2018.24.242-245

УДК: 902/904+902.6

Tree-Ring Analysis of the Ust-Voikarskoye Settlement: A Trial of Historiographical Research

Garkusha Yu.N.

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The article describes the opportunities of tree-ring analysis application not only for dating but for reconstruction of architectural history of a settlement and different aspects of constructional processes. The author reviews the results of tree-ring analysis of wood from the buildings in Ust-Voikarskoe that was conducted in 2003-2008. The generated dates are discussed in the architectural context, e.g. in connection with certain buildings and certain constructional details. Such point of view secures more reliable interpretations of the dates. The author makes a conclusion that a small number wood samples often results the risk that the dates would represent only certain periods of the dwelling usage or lead to wrong conclusions about history of its construction.


tree-ring analysis, Ust-Voikarskoe settlement, the northern part of Western Siberia, traditional housing

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